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Rehabilitation of the cotton road Djougou-Pehunco-Kérou-Bankoara

Western Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 9,400,000
Total project cost
EUR 195,320,000
Under disbursement
PFG Lead Financier

This project aims to improve the level of service of the 210 km Djougou-Péhunco-Kérou-Banikoara road, which is the backbone of the network of cotton roads in the Departments of Donga, Atacora and Alibori in Benin. The expected results from the development and asphalting of this road are the increase of traffic and exchanges, the reduction of the generalized costs of transport and the improvement of the living conditions of the populations bordering the road. Reducing the generalized costs of transport on the axis will reduce the production and export costs of Benin's main cash crop and thus improve its competitiveness. The project will contribute to the reduction of poverty in its zone of direct influence by developing basic socio-economic infrastructures and strengthening the activities of women and other disadvantaged groups.

The EUR 9.4m grant will be used to support the rehabilitation and development of 209.68 km of the Djougou-Puhenco-Kérou-Banikoara road section, which represents a central link in Benin's cross-cutting road axis and serve as a short cut for users bound for or from Northern Togo and Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and the northern part of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.