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Rehabilitation of RN1 and RN2 Road Sections and Construction of the Maroua Bypass Routes

Central Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 30,000,000
Total project cost
EUR 174,400,000
PFG Lead Financier

The project involves the rehabilitation of the Moutourwa - Maroua section (36 km) on the National Road 1 by strengthening the pavement comprising two lanes each of which has a width of 3.50 m and the construction of two 1.50 m roadbed shoulders including the provision of safety equipment and vertical and horizontal road signs; 

The construction of the Maroua bypass (7.3 km) with two lanes of 3.50 m wide each and two roadbed shoulders of 1.50 m each and parking strips along the lane;

The rehabilitation of the Magada - Yagoua section (137km) on the National Road 12 through the strengthening of a tarred road comprising two lanes 3.75 m wide each and two roadbed shoulders of 2.00 m; - The implementation of environmental protection measures; and

The construction of related facilities (parking areas, urban roads, toll gates, weighing stations, reconstruction of markets, construction of safety equipment, rehabilitation of schools and health centres, reservations of channels for water, electricity, optical fibre, etc.).