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IG for Small hydroelectric plant Lokoua for rural electrification in Guinea - CANCELLED PRIOR TO DISBURSEMENT

Western Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 24,000,000
Total project cost
EUR 65,000,000
Cancelled prior to disbursement
PFG Lead Financier

The project envisages the construction of an 8.5-MW hydroelectric power plant in Guinée forestière (“Lokoua”), which will supply 40.6 GWh per year. Regarding energy transmission, two sixty-kilometer long lines of 30 kV each will be built between the Lokoua site and the main city of N’Zzerekore. In total, the project should grant electricity access to around 25 000 households in Guinée Forestière, Guinea’s most isolated region.   

The invetsment grant of EUR 24m will contribute to civil engineering, hydraulic works, hydro-electromechanical equipment, transport and distribution infrastructures  in the construction of the 8.5-MW hydroelectric power plant in Guinée forestière (“Lokoua”).