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Steering Committee

Among others, the main tasks of the Steering Committee comprise:

  • issuing policy guidance and providing strategic orientation to the Partnership and its implementing instruments, serving as a forum for the exchange of information and coordination amongst its members as regards the needs of infrastructure, the related services and the regulatory frameworks as well as ensuring appropriate responses to the evolving priorities in Africa,
  • ensuring complementarity between AU-NEPAD Infrastructure Action Plan, the National and Regional infrastructure programmes or other infrastructure initiatives,
  • facilitating the mobilisation of resources necessary to reach the Partnership goals,
  • monitoring progress of operations implemented by the Partnership, reporting on past, ongoing and planned activities and, eventually, approving and overseeing the implementation of the Partnership Annual Work Programme

In order to achieve the ambitious goals related to the effective development of African infrastructure for sustained growth, the Steering Committee of the EU-Africa Infrastructure Partnership will work together with other initiatives, actors and instruments, such as the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa, the emerging donors and the private sector.